Oriental Rug Cleaning and Specialist Washing

Your Oriental Rug, or as some may refer to it, Oriental Carpet is a valuable investment and with proper care, it will last a very long time.

What can you do to protect your Oriental or
Persian Rug? Here are some tips from your
Oriental Rug Cleaner.

  • Vacuuming.

Oriental Rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week. A build up of soil in your rug will cause fibre damage. Sand is especially damaging as it cuts the fibres when trodden in. Be careful vacuuming the fringes with a beater brush vacuum cleaner as this can cause significant damage and unravelling. Make sure the brush is combing the fringe away from the rug.

  • Rotate your Rug once a year.

Sunlight over time will fade and damage dyes in textiles. If your rug is in sunlight, rotate it once a year. Doing this will reduce the obvious effects of fading.

  • Spot and Stain Removal.

Act fast. Pick up any gross waste and blot the spot using paper towels. Do not brush aggressively as this may cause irreversible damage to the surface. See more detail on the specific spot and stain removal technique needed on the rug stain removal page.

  • Don’t use Powdered Carpet Deodorisers.

Powdered carpet fresheners become impacted in the foundation yarns of your Oriental Rug. This causes damage to the warp and weft. The powder may also not be completely removed in the Oriental Rug washing process.

  • Don’t use Dishwashing Liquid to clean-up a spill.

Dishwashing liquid is quite oily and will cause re-soiling to occur.

Refer to spot and stain removal for how to handle everyday spills.

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