Persian Rug Cleaning and Washing

The PERSIAN RUG CLEANING process is our premium service to clean all Persian and Oriental rugs. This includes hand and machine-made Orientals, Kilims and Dhurries and many more.

Every rug is an individual and we will inspect your rug to determine the best way to clean it. Persian Rug Cleaners have perfected their profession over centuries. Our process uses a combination of traditional and modern innovative techniques to assure we return to you a clean and healthy rug for your family’s use. Depending on the makeup and condition of your rug we may be using a polymer cleaning system, water extraction, submersion cleaning in a wash pit or a combination of these processes.

Here are the steps involved in the PERSIAN RUG CLEANING service.

  1. Pick-up from your home or office
  2. Pre-inspection to determine existing condition and the best way to clean. This includes testing for colour fastness.
  3. Dusting the rug from the back on a dusting grid to remove the bulk of non-soluble dirt
    and sand.
  4. Vacuuming of face yarn using HEPA filter beater brush vacuum cleaner.
  5. Dye-setting prior to cleaning if required.
  6. Pre-spotting soiled spots.
  7. Cleaning.
  8. Fringe cleaning.
  9. pH correction check and treatment.
  10. Treated with textile protector to reduce damage from future spills.
  11. Treated with insect deterrent.
  12. Lay flat drying.
  13. Hydroxyl chemical-free sanitising
    and deodorising.

When you choose the “Persian Rug Cleaning” service:

  • Every rug is pre-inspected to determine the best Oriental Rug cleaning process for your rug.
  • Every rug receives a deep dusting using specialist equipment.
  • Every rug is tested for colourfastness prior to cleaning. If necessary your rug will be pre-treated with a special formula to help set the dyes prior to cleaning.
  • Every rug has the fringes cleaned separately.
  • Every rug is treated with a textile protector. This will help greatly when a future spill happens.
  • Every rug is dried flat to help reduce the chance of dye run.
  • Every rug is finally treated in a hydroxyl room to provide extra chemical-free sanitising and deodorising.