Pet Response

We all love our cats and dogs, and it's great to know that when accidents happen all is not lost.

The PET RESPONSE process is an extremely effective way of removing pet urine and odour from Oriental Rugs and other area rugs. It also removes faeces and vomit.

Like the Persian rug cleaning process, the PET RESPONSE clean treats your rug according to its specific requirements.

Our professional rug cleaners will inspect your rug to determine the best way to clean it. Usually, this will require pre-cleaning of the whole rug and then treatment in a Submersion Pit. In a submersion pit the rug is soaked with a combination of chemistries designed to dissolve old urine salts. At the same time, it is treated with bio-enzymes that digest urine deposits and deodorises. The rug may be rinsed many times and soak for hours or overnight.

If it is necessary we will repeat this process until all the urine and associated odour is removed.

Here are the steps involved in the PET RESPONSE service.

  1. Pick-up from your home or office
  2. Pre-inspection to determine existing condition and the best way to clean.
  3. Dusting the rug from the back on a dusting grid to remove the bulk of non-soluble dirt and sand.
  4. Vacuuming of face yarn using HEPA filter beater brush vacuum cleaner to remove as much dirt and animal hair as possible.
  5. Submersion cleaning - the rug is submerged in an enzyme based shampoo solution designed to break down pet urine.
  6. Fringe cleaning if applicable.
  7. Drying.
  8. Grooming.