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Enjoy the confidence and assurance of having your rug professionally cleaned, maintained and repaired by Sydney's most skilled technicians.

You may be surprised at what is living in your rug!

Give us a call and let's fast-track the washing and sanitising of your Oriental or Persian rug.


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Unlike a traditional carpet cleaning company, we specialise in Oriental rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning studio houses state of the art rug cleaning equipment that helps us to provide the most comprehensive rug washing service in NSW. Our multi-skilled team of industry experts have the expertise and experience to provide you with the very best results.

If you want your rug cleaned in the right way, don't rely on anyone else.

We are ready to provide you with the most attentive and professional rug maintenance service in Sydney.

Rug Cleaning Service In Sydney


Is your rug starting to smell mouldy, stale or funky?

Our unique 12-step deep cleaning process is just what you need. Once our technicians clean your rug, it will look, smell and feel fresher. Those colours that have dulled over time will pop with new brightness and contrast.

We have received feedback from countless satisfied clients that their rug looks like new once we have finished.

You may not notice, but sand and dust particles will have built up in the base of your rug. Whenever you walk on your rug, these abrasive particles shear away at the delicate fibres in your rug. This can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your rug.

Extend the lifespan of your rug by having it professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

We keep our rates affordable. Don't put off your rug washing service any longer.

Not all cleaning methods are the same. We are confident that we provide the safest and most thorough rug cleaning service in the city. Before we start the cleaning process we analyse the structure, condition and materials of your rug to create a custom cleaning solution.

We specialise in cleaning hand-woven rugs.

If you have a valuable, rare or precious rug, our time-honoured cleaning system is exactly what you need. Our team will treat your rug as if it were our own.

Custom Rug Cleaning Services

We tailor our cleaning services to your needs.

Are you searching for a specialised rug cleaning service? Give us a call today on 02 9018 1510 and let's discuss your needs.

At Oriental Rug Care we understand that your rug can be rich in history and full of meaning. You can be assured that we will show the utmost respect to your rug and property at all times.

We are Sydney's Leading Rug Cleaners

As a locally owned and operated Sydney business, we take pride in offering the highest standard of workmanship with affordable rates. It is our hope that you will be so impressed with our rug cleaning service that you will continue to rely on our services as well as recommend us to your friends and family.

We have built up a strong base of loyal customers in the region.

While we are not able to offer the cheapest rug cleaning rates, we are confident that you will agree that we offer the best value for money professional rug cleaning service.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, we do not use harsh chemicals or excessively powerful commercial carpet cleaning machinery.

We provide specialised rug washing services that we know will not harm, discolour or damage the integrity of your hand-woven rug.

If your rug needs some TLC, we can take care of it. Call today on 02 9018 1510

Whether you are a new or existing customer we are happy to provide you with our free rug pick-up and drop-off service throughout the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Our complete range of rug cleaning services has been designed to assist you in simplifying your rug maintenance.

What Types Of Rugs Do We Clean?

Persian, silk, Kilims, Dhurries, Navajo, Turkish, Oriental, Persian, Axminster Wilton, Chinese and Afghan.

Schedule your pickup today. Our flexible cleaning services will surpass even the highest expectations.

Is Your Rug Filthy?

Have you ever wondered how many creepy-crawlies are living in your rug? Do you know that there could be layers of skin cells stuck in the base of your rug? We know that even though you do your best in vacuuming your rug, there is only so much you can do with a vacuum cleaner. For a complete clean, nothing beats a full immersion clean.

We take the stress and hassle out of ensuring your rug is free of musty smells, funky bugs and harmful allergens.

Whether your rug is a family heirloom or just a few months old, we are ready to provide you with our iconic 12-step deep clean service to ensure it looks, feels and smells great for years to come.

Don't Panic, Just Give Us A Call

If you have spilled wine, ink or food on your precious rug, urgent intervention will provide the best results. Don't delay in asking us for advice and assistance now. We are very happy to pick up and deliver rugs from your home or office.

Call for a free rug cleaning quote from our fully trained and qualified rug cleaners today on 02 9018 1510.

Would you like some advice on what you can do to keep your rug in tip-top condition? Send us a message today and we will happily share with the secrets to providing your valuable rug with class-leading maintenance.

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